Easter 2016

BY THE NUMBERS 4 baptisms during our Easter service, 12 total in Ankeny, and 115 in Ames! The most wonderful way to celebrate the resurrection and new life in Christ. 3 stops at 3 Grandma’s, where there were 3 meals and 3 egg hunts. 44 deviled eggs made from 24 eggs. That’s only 2 casualties […]

Zion Mack: Month 4

We’ll get to months 1-3 for the archives later! For now, here’s the latest on Zion Mack… PERSONALITY Charming This boy is social. He prefers people over toys any day! When he flashes that half grin, he has every idea how cute he is! 😍 Contagious Giggles Zion’s laugh, oh my. This month he delighted […]

Consider It Joy

I’ve held off from starting a blog for mainly two reasons: I don’t have time to do it well. I don’t have time to do it regularly. Becoming a mother has helped me to see there is no room for perfectionism in this life. For some reason, I was striving as if there were. I […]