Zion Mack: Month 4

We’ll get to months 1-3 for the archives later! For now, here’s the latest on Zion Mack…


This boy is social. He prefers people over toys any day! When he flashes that half grin, he has every idea how cute he is! 😍


Contagious Giggles
Zion’s laugh, oh my. This month he delighted in my parent’s dog, Roxie’s escapades of running circles in her kennel. He thought it was HIL-arious. Z likes to laugh like mom and dad. (And at us!)

Screaming with Glee or Fury
Z has discovered his voice and he is proud to let it be known. He’ll scream on many occasions – when he’s getting feisty, or just enjoying himself. When he started this, Adam and I looked at each other with a bit of fear – we’ll likely have some crazy ahead with this one!


A Wee Bit Stubborn
Zion knows what he wants, as well as what he doesn’t! Like pacifiers. He’s made it clear that he’s not interested. Still shutting down the bottle, too. When he’s over it (be it tummy time, the MamaRoo, laying on a blanket) you won’t have to wonder. He’ll let you know. Adam says he gets it from his Mama! 😆


Tummy Time & Toys
We have been increasing tummy time more and more – our goal is to get 80 minutes a day! We are probably at about half of that! But Zi is getting better. He’s also getting more interested in grabbing toys. I give him things to hold (rings, rattles, blankets) everything goes straight to the mouth!


All About the Feet
Last month it was hands (still a favorite!) but now he grabs his feet! He sometimes gets them pulled up all the way to his mouth! Love those baby toes!

You See Me Rollin’
Zion rolled over for the first time on February 18! In typical fashion, he went from back to tummy (most babies roll from tummy to back first!) AND I even got it on video. A few days later, Adam witnessed him go tummy to back. I now understand how the little things are big things when you’re a parent! (FYI: the action is at the very end! 😆)

Two Ways to Wrap
For baby wearing, I alternate between the Moby (thanks Abigail!) & the Ergo. Zion’s legs can hang out, now, so wrapping him in the Moby is way easier than it used to be. And the Ergo is click and go, so when we’re out and about its the perfect option. I’m so glad he warmed up to being worn – it has made life so much easier. Especially when he needs a nap and we aren’t at home.

Laying in the Crib
No, he doesn’t sleep in his crib (that would be too logical!) I’ve been laying him in his crib to play and get used to the area from time to time. He really seems to enjoy it with all his little stuffed animal friends to look at! Maybe next month we’ll try out some napping in the crib…



Rock-n-play, swaddled tight, is still our go-to for napping and nights. If we’re at home he goes to bed between 8:00-8:30p. Lately, he’s been waking up 2 or 3 times a night (11p/12a, 2/3a, 5/6a). By 7:30a he’s awake to poop – cue the grunts, and might fall back asleep afterwards until 9/9:30a. If we’re hanging at home for the morning, I stay in bed too!



Our guy has doubled since birth with a weight of 15lbs, 5 oz and 25″ in length. One of his strengths is eating. 😆 Z wears 3-6 month outfits, including skinny jeans and camo pants (BabyGAP splurges). For diapers it’s size 2 when he’s in disposables. Sometimes he’ll blowout of 2’s though – the kid can do some damage. We use cloth diapers at home during the day, but this month we were at my parents so often that he wore disposables pretty frequently.


Obviously, this boy has our hearts.

Yes, the months go by fast, but at the exact same time it’s hard to remember life before him. Watching him explore and discover the world around him, it’s something else. Here’s to whatever adventures are next with our Zion Mack.


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