Zion Mack: Month 5



Sticky Hands
Grabs at anything in his reach – be it my coffee mug, phone, or hair! Peoples faces are especially intriguing for him to explore, especially beards. Zion goes right for his dad’s mouth and chin and tries to mimic him, often quite successfully.

The Pointer
You might recall that Zi never warmed up to the pacifier. We don’t have a thumb-sucker either (at least not yet). He’s decided on his pointer finger. If there’s not a toy in hand, and therefore in his mouth, then he’ll likely have his pointer in there. Might be part of the teething game!


Distracted Nursing
Gone are the days of nursing anywhere, mostly because Zi can’t stay focused! An abrupt noise, people’s voices, or action going on around him trumps eating. It makes for short, productive day-time nursing sessions because Z wants to get back to exploring.

On His Feet
With our help, Zion loves to stand! He’s strong and determined. It’s hard to keep him sitting when he’s on your lap!

Plays Hard & Sleeps Less
Lots more playtime this month! It’s hard to track how much sleep he needs – and the fighting of sleep is a THING. For whatever reason, the more tired babies get, the harder it is too make nap time happen. Figures 😆 The favorite toy this month would probably be his car.

Accepted Tummy Time
Zion doesn’t hate tummy time as much anymore. But I think it has more to do with the fact that he’s become a pro at escaping it (rolling to his back) But, I’ll give him credit, his upper body strength is solid. 😆

First cold
Baby got his first cold this month. No fevers or anything, but lots of the dreaded nose-sucking, sneezing and coughing. So hard to watch. And I came down with a cold at the same time. So we bunkered in and nursed and napped a lot!

Zion is starting to take interest in Charles. That interest translates, mostly, to Zi grabbing fistfuls of his carpet-like fur. I have to give Charles major props – he is totally gentle and tolerates it all. Charles reciprocates his interest in Zion’s toys (the count continues for toys destroyed by the dog). So much brotherly love.

The TV
I know, I know. Babies shouldn’t watch TV, but Zi is very interested in whatever is on. This month, he caught The Today Show, March Madness with dad, and Lost. (Yes, Adam and I began the “Lost” journey – his 2nd time, my first. What have we gotten ourselves into!)


Walks in the Stroller
The weather, our neighborhood, and a park just down the block all add up to the perfect combo for stroller rides. Zion digs it.


Zi’s first cold this month made sleeping backslide and now I’m wondering if we’re turning the corner towards teething? Time will tell! A typical night, lately, looks like wakings every 2 or 3 hours. Sleeping arrangements: in the swaddle, in the rock-n-play, in our room. When morning hits, he often ends up between us in bed.


My best guess is that Z weighs around 17 lbs. We’ll be getting more exact stats at his 6 month visit! The boy is getting more hair, it’s very light, and we’ve decided those eyes have got to be staying blue.

Wearing some 3-6 month outfits, still, but starting to move up to 6-9 & 6-12 month sizes. We have a lot more shoe options now, too! Still wearing size 2 disposables and settling into a rhythm with the cloth diapers at home.



1. The way he stretches when I lay him down on the changing table, extending his baby legs and flexed feet, each chubby roll defined.

2. The way his free hand does constant circles on my chest while he nurses, like he’s keeping rhythm with all intensity.

3. The way he hums himself to sleep, a mix of a grunt and singing-sighs, to the beat of my cradled bouncing.

4. The way he feels as he drifts into a deep sleep – heavy and, now, covering my chest and stomach with the length of his body.

5. The way I hear his low-belly laugh coming from upstairs, as Adam tickles him under his chin and his thighs during a diaper changing.


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