Zion Mack: Month 6



Lots more rolling, and much less of a preference to be on his back. Zi actually chooses to roll to his tummy.


Sitting Up
Sits up on his own briefly. He tips easily though, so you have to be ready to catch him!

Laughter & Smiles
More laughter, smiling is his favorite. Some causes of laughter include tickling, peekaboo and singing and dancing (songs vary from “The Alphabet” to “Work.” ūüėÜ)

Zion often joins us during mealtimes, watching us eat and taking notes. He’s very interested in all of the utensils and reaches for anything on the table. He tried out his highchair, and now we’re quite excited to try out solids.

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No teeth yet, but plenty of gnawing, drooling, poor sleeping and random runny noses. Maybe this month?!

Zi¬†studies his toys ‚ÄĒ and really anything he gets his hands on¬†‚ÄĒ¬†intently. You can tell he’s in the exploration stage.



Zion¬†does the silliest smacking thing with his lips! I think it’s purely out of entertainment, not hunger! He went through a phase where he did it a lot. It’s quite funny, and I was able to catch a bit of it on video…

The Beat
One of his things is tapping his foot up and down when we’re holding him in a standing position. He also rhythmically moves his arm up and down in a waving fashion. Do I think he realizes he’s waving? No. Do I think he will have the moves? Yes.

All the Feels
Zion is obsessed with textures. He grabs and feels everything, from curtains as we pass a window to scratching at the placemat at the table. His little fists pull at all things in reach (or just out of reach, with a determined lunge)! Charles – and his fluff- are¬†often in his path. He’s also intrigued with the floors during tummy time, as he navigates his way off of the blanket to scratch at the tile or wood floor!


A Whole New World
Beautiful 70’s and all the green is literally a breath of fresh air. Walks to the park, walking to church, napping outside in the Ergo, chatting and meeting the neighbors are all confirming Spring is here!

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Tricks with Dad
At first it scared me, but I’ve realized I’m going to have to let my boy be daring and adventurous with his dad! If you haven’t had the privilege of watching them show off in person…

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Small Friends
I¬†love seeing our social guy hang out with his baby friends! We’re super thankful to have friends and family in similar stages and lovely¬†play dates!

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First Hotel Stay
We attended a Pastors and Wives Conference here in town and Zi got to experience his first hotel stay. He did great. We all decided we we wish we had a king bed. The conference was an encouraging time to chat with others about ministry and hear how God is moving around Iowa.


Date Nights & Work
Adam and I have been getting out for date nights more often – win! We’ve also gotten into the groove of wedding season and shooting on Saturdays. Zion has been getting time with grandparents and Aunts and Uncles and doing wonderful! He never warmed up to a bottle, but we’ve been able to get a system down for feeding breaks during the long days and working around nursing times for date nights! And¬†then we get to come back to this…



Some success in the sleeping department this month in a 2 steps forward, 1 step back sort of way! We transitioned to the crib – which also meant retiring the swaddle – and at first it went really well. On an afternoon, I laid him on his tummy and he slept for over 2 hours! Since that first glorious nap, it has been hit and miss.


At bedtime, I usually nurse him to sleep in my arms and then lay him in his crib. Sometimes, if he’s not sleepy enough he’ll wake right back up and it’s “take 2…or 3.” But once he’s down, he usually goes a 4-5 hour stretch and then comes in our room for the remaining wakings. Lately, though, laying him down leads to an instant wake-up (at night and during naps). I’m hoping the parenting phrase “this too shall pass” applies and that this set-back is just a phase!

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The 6 month check-up put Zi at 17lbs 11oz, and 26.25″ in height.


The boy moved up to 6-9 & 6-12 month clothing, and we’ve busted out the spring wardrobe. It’s so fun to see little shorts in his dresser! Cloth diapers at home, and size 3 disposables when we’re on the go.




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