Zion Mack: Month 7

This gets harder and harder each month – this boy has so much personality, I’m not sure how to sum it all up! ☺️



Month 7 was the month of “firsts”. Months 1-6, Zion was growing at a furious pace. Now he’s turned the corner to working on his skills and slowed a bit on putting on the pounds!

1) First Food
2) First Sippy Cup
3) First time in the Nursery at Church
4) First Tank top
5) First time sitting up in the cart
6) First time swimming
7) First time swinging   

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Mr. Chatty
Zion jabbers all the time. One of the consistent “words” truly sounds like blah blah blah. He’s also snuck in a mamamama! (Typically when he’s tired and fussing!) Charles is often the subject of his communication. He watches that dog constantly and giggles at him for what seems like absolutely no reason. They are truly foraging a bond. When Zi gets tired, the chatting escalates to screams, blubbering and sometimes delirious laughter as he hits the denial phase of “I’m tired.” If you’ve seen him in this state, you know the kind of crazy we’re talking.

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Table Time
We started introducing solids using Baby Led Weaning. In short – he basically gets to feed himself, making for these first foods as more of an adventure and messy discovery than an actual eating event. Also, I was wrong again – still no sightings of teeth!

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Foods Offered: avocado, banana, watermelon, peppers, carrots, apples, chicken, broccoli, potatoes, green beans, zucchini

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This kid is generous with his smiles! Even strangers often comment on how smiley he is. One of our favorite smiles he does is accompanied by a head tilt. This month, he also added a cheesy smile to his repertoire. Squinty eyes and all.


With all this growing coordination, Zion wants to get his hands on all things and rarely stops moving. An open-and-closing of the hands is a common tendency that I decipher as his way of asking for something, or anything. He enjoys music, and his dad helps him practice his air guitar and drumming – which Zi gets a big kick out of. He also enjoys standing (with help) next to the coffee table and couch.

Cuddles + Kisses
I have Adam to thank for our cuddly boy (Adam is much more of a cuddler than I) and Zion is just like him! He will lean in and and squeeze you, and nestle by your neck. All around, he just prefers to be by you, on you, being held by you. When it comes to falling asleep, he prefers to be touching, even if just one hand. Daddy is also working on kisses with him!

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The Great Outdoors
Now that the weather has become more predictable, most days we get outside! Z loves walks in the stroller and exploring the sights and sounds of the outdoors. The grass is especially interesting, as well as stray leaves, dandelions, sand and flowers.

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Empty containers such as Tupperware and a recycled AE Dip are a hit. He loves shaking and hitting things together – and still tastes everything! He really enjoyed testing out odds and ends I placed in a muffin tin and moving them from this spot to that. I love how easily entertained he is and how makeshift items make the best toys.

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Just the Right Amount of Mobility
Zion moves around well via rolling. He sits up by himself, but I stay close or keep a Bobby behind him for good measure. He can “not-so-gracefully” go from sitting to tummy with a lean-dive. But he hasn’t navigated from tummy to sitting up on his own. No crawling yet (I’m content with his stage right now!) but when we put him down on a blanket, he stays on all fours and does a little rocking before flopping to his belly.

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Baby Dedications
Reiman Gardens
The Science Center
East Village Shopping & Taco Truck
Memorial Weekend Grilling & Bonfire
Uncles’ Baseball Game
Sculpture Park
Farmer’s Market & Garage Sales

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I’ll start by saying that we are seeing some progress after a rough beginning of the month. The main task this month has been solidifying bedtime routines, creating a more predictable nap schedule and implementing an earlier bedtime. All of these things seem to pushing us in the right direction and getting Z up to the amount of sleep he needs on a daily basis. Our next goal is getting Zion to consistently start the night in his crib. The last few nights have gone well, but I think it’s too soon to say it’s our new normal! Once he wakes (assuming, we’ve gone to bed already) then, he joins us in our room. Although we didn’t intentionally set out to co-sleep, it’s working well for us right now and I do enjoy the snuggles and ease of night feedings. His night sleeps are about 11 hours total, with an average of 3 wakings throughout. During the day he takes 3 naps (9a, 12p, 3p) usually about an hour each.

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I think he’s in the 18-pound range. Zion wears 6-12 month clothing, cloth diapers at home (when I keep up with laundry!) and size 3 disposables.




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