Zion Mack: Month 8


Kissing, Clapping and Jabbering
Open-mouth kisses are his style! No complaints here, besides some extra slobber 😂 Zion is also learning to clap! When he jabbers, you’ll most often hear “dadada” and “blahblahblah” along with squeals and screams.

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Summer In Full Swing
I love summer. I hate how fast it goes! So this year, I made a summer bucket list of things to do with Zion and as a family. We’ve checked off quite a few things this month and spent lots of time in the pool!

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Bring on the Bruises
Now that Zi is working to master pulling himself up, the falls are real. Even with me right there, he manages to get a few bumps (mom-fail). But I can’t keep him seated – he ALWAYS wants to practice standing! I put him in his crib to play, and a minute later I walked in to see he’d pulled himself up with the railing. He also pulls himself up in the pack n’ play, by the couch and on anyone near him. Planking and pushing backwards are a new thing, too. So although he isn’t crawling, mobility is around the corner!!

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Baby’s Best Friend
Toys are okay, but when you have a dog, they just don’t compare. Charles continues to be Zion’s favorite! He laughs at him, grabs him and won’t take his eyes off him! Charles returns the affection through licking, and is way more interested in Zion’s toys than Zi. 😁

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Diaper Changes & Bath Time
Both of these events are getting wild. Zi wants to flip over to his tummy each time he gets on the changing table! In the bath, he wants to stand and is so fascinated with the water spout, and the water pouring out of it. He also likes to suck on his wash cloth. Mostly, we do baths with him – it’s easiest to contain him that way!

On the Go
Mostly Zion doesn’t mind being in the car. And often, it’s a great way to solidify a nap when other methods fail or we’re out and about. One night, Adam and I got Zombie Burger shakes and drove around Saylorville Lake for a little mini-date, while Zi slept in his car seat. When we need to get a car nap in, I have two “go-to” albums I play. Tycho’s, “Awake” (I know, ironic) & The XX’s, “Coexist.” Thankfully, they are both easy-listening and I’m not tired of either yet! 😆 As for the times when he’s not just tired, but say, hungry or just over being in the car, we have one thing – the ABCs. I don’t know why, but it’s magic. And other songs don’t do it like the Alphabet. Once, I sang it over and over on the drive from Ames to Ankeny. It’s true, you’ll do anything for your kids.

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He’s A Ham
I know I say this probably every month, but the kid continues to blow me away with his social skills. He’s a total ham, full of smiles & giggles. A people-person, through and through, I think we’ve got an extrovert on our hands!

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Nursing & Nourishment
Breast milk is still Zion’s favorite and main source of food. Although we’ve continued to offer solid food, his interest in it hasn’t peaked beyond squishing, squeezing and pounding it on his tray and possibly a few tastes on his tongue. And even though he loves to nurse, being in a quiet place void of other people is the most ideal situation due to his extreme distractibility! 😆 During nursing sessions, which hit about every 3 hours during the day, he enjoys grabbing at my hair (hello ponytails!) straps and clothing (I skip jewelry!) and my mouth and nose (sometimes I can’t help but laugh!) So, yes, it can be an eventful thing. But he’s quick and efficient and usually gets done and is ready to get back to playing. I love nursing for the convenience, cuddles and amazing tool it is for soothing and comforting.

First Tooth
It’s here, it’s here! At 7.5 months, tooth number one broke through. Now it’s making it’s way up, on the bottom middle right of his gums. And it’s just making him even cuter!

Foods Offered This Month: pears*, sweet potatoes*, strawberries*, avocado, banana, watermelon, carrots, apples, broccoli, zucchini (*new food)

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I don’t know if things have gotten better (I think they have) or I’m just getting used to this new normal and having realistic expectations for where Zi’s at. Either way, things feel a lot smoother. We have a schedule, but we don’t hold it super tight. During the day or evenings, if we’re out – we go with sleeps in the Ergo carrier or a car nap (see above for the car situation). Bedtime Routine looks like, bath and/or PJs, nurse, and asleep by 7:30 or 8p. I lay him on his side in his crib, where I pat or rub his back to be sure he’s drifted off. He tends to wake up 30 minutes into his snooze and I go up and settle him. (Sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes I nurse him again). Once we go to bed around 10p, he sleeps with us and wakes about 2-3 times in the night. He still takes 3 naps (9a, 12p, & 3p)



-Zion caught a 48-hr stomach virus on June 8, that sent us to the ER (You can read about that incident here!)

-On June 10, we had a routine check-up with Neurosurgery at the U of I hospital. Everything checked out, and Dr. DLouhy was pleased with how Zi is doing!

-He weighs just over 20 lbs of solid chunk

-Wears 6-12 month clothing and a mixture of cloth diapers and size 3 disposables (All disposables when we had that stomach bug episode that made each and every diaper a poopy one)



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