Eats & Stuff at the ISF

We came [to the fair]. We saw [the sights]. We conquered [the food].

Per usual, we went to the Iowa State fair! (3x to be exact) But this year was a first – doing the fair with a kid. It went well and was just as enjoyable, if not more, with Zi along for the traditions. At a glance, here’s what went down…literally.

Foods We Ate + Drinks We Drank

(Note: Unfortunately, I failed to get a photo of every single item we ate. So you’ll just have to imagine what they looked like as you imagine how good they tasted.)

  1. Cheese Curds
  2. Blooming Onion
  3. Lemonade (x5)
  4. Corn Dog
  5. 5 Buck Cowboy Cup
  6. Smoked Brisket & Bacon Mac N Cheese
  7. Pride of Iowa Wrap
  8. Beattie’s Watermelon
  9. A Beer at the Craft Beer Tent
  10. Ice Cream Mocha Bar
  11. JR’s Donuts
  12. Barksdale’s Cup of Cookies
  13. The FREE Egg on a Stick
  14. Not Your Momma’s Taco
  15. Fried Veggies 

We saw the fair in a new and refreshing way on one of the days cruising around a golf cart with our friends, the Carrolls. People didn’t hold back their stares, as we rode the cart around, baby-wearing the littles. 😁 😂

Another highlight was tatting up Zion with all of the freebie tattoos in the Varied Industries Building when we were ready for a much needed cool-off. He sported the U of I, UNI, ISU, U of Iowa Hospital, Goodwill and Food & Family tattoos. Those things stay on for days! (Good marketing?)

We saw the mandatory animals. Zion was hesitant with the horses, and who would blame him? With the other animals, he was mildly interested. He snuck in a few naps in the Ergo, but definitely didn’t meet his napping quota.

All in all, it was a success. We’ll obviously be back next year, when Zion will surely appreciate the fair more as he partakes in more eating. Because really, that’s what the fair all about 😆

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