Family Vacation: Clear Lake 2016

Labor Day weekend is behind us and Fall is before us.

There's a lot about Fall that I love, but Summer and its carefree-ness is for sure my favorite. So before I pull myself together to take on Fall and a little bit more structure, here's to some reminiscing on our White family vacation at Clear Lake.

We stayed at our brother-in-law, Taylor's family condo. (Thank you to the Sweeneys!) It's right on the lake with a screened in porch to enjoy the view. The weather was  spotty, we had some rain and cooler clouds (even in late July) but we still enjoyed some lake time on the pontoon, walks and fishing.


Aside from dinner out at The Other Place (OP) for pizza one night and impromptu ice cream and coffee runs, we brought food and cooked all of our meals at the condo. It was fun meal-planning and assembling a menu. Vacation, for me, is a lot about food (I just really enjoy eating! I guess it's the "Shafer" in me). I won't bore you with our entire meal run down but a few favorites were Hannah's Egg Bake, Karen's pork sliders, grilled corn and a large array of fruit, veggies and chips for endless snacking.

Some highlights from the trip include…

Taylor's mantra of "hey, you're on vacation…" As a response to pretty much anything. (i.e. "have another cookie… You're on vacation.")

Adam diving off the moving pontoon. (For shock value of course.)

Seeing the cabins where Karen and her family stayed when she was a kid – and even getting to peak inside. A little piece of history!

A dance-off on the pontoon. Each person had the spotlight for  one song selected by Adam. (Song selections included Macklemore, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus to name a few…) There may be footage of this that hopefully doesn't surface to the public 😜

Lots of fishing and great catches! Zion even came face-to-face with one for the first time. 🎣

Zion. When we weren't doing anything, he was our entertainment! This boy is so loved by all of his aunties, uncle, Mimi & Papa.













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