Zion Mack: Month 10

We have a 10-month-old who is a fearless little explorer but a cuddly lover, all the same. Here’s what Zion Mack is up to!


Crawling and Cruising
He’s mastered crawling (using his one foot + one knee combo) and is now cruising furniture, walls, cabinets — anything he can pull himself up by. He’s fast and busy. Also, can climb stairs! I’m glad our stairs are in a mostly covert location.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Tired Trills
When he’s tired, a few things happen. He fusses more and begins to zone out. But in addition, he has started trilling. Imagine a high pitched scream of rolling R’s. It’s honestly kind of impressive. He also tries to eat/chew/suck hair. Just your typical stuff. 😆

Clapping & Waving
Clapping is his favorite. It’s pretty great paired with his big cheesy going-on-3-teeth smile. This month he’s also learning to wave. He doesn’t always do it, you’ve gotta catch him when he’s in the mood for it! His wave isn’t an open-and-close of the hand, or side-to-side traditional, it’s more of a big window-washing extravagant style. Just what I would expect 😜

We’ve got a Hugger
Granted, I get tons of cuddles as his ma, but he truly will lean in for a tight “squeeze” when he goes to people. The best is when he sees you and starts to squeal and book it towards you, pulls himself up to you and nestles into your neck for hugs.

Learning About “NO”
He now reacts to the word “no.” He definitely stops when he hears it and I think he’s beginning to grasp the concept. Sometimes, it REALLY hurts his feelings when you tell him no. And then it hurts ME when I see that face. 😳

Growly Grunts
Lately he’s been making grunting sounds. Many times it’s in times of protest, like he wants us to know he’s not a fan. Other times he just makes growly noises like he’s testing out the lower register of his voice. Lots of chatter and babble and for recognizable words it’s “Dada” and “Mama!”

Favorite Hangouts

  1. Back Sliding doors
  2. Cabinets (loves opening & closing them)
  3. The Dishwasher
  4. Under the Kitchen Table
  5. The Fridge (when it’s open)
  6. The Bathroom Sink (perfect for when I’m getting ready)

Expanding His Palette
Zi is becoming more interested in food these days! Beyond breastmilk (he still nurses for primary nourishment and comfort), some favorites are avocados, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, watermelon, and meat! His coordination of picking up the food and navigating it to his mouth has gotten pretty good, and aside from a few gagging episodes all is progressing well! As promised, Zion’s review for the “puffs” is in – he approves. They’re real handy for when we’re out to eat and need an activity to keep him busy at the table with little mess. (Except for all of the stragglers that end up on the floor 🙈) He’s continued to try lots of new foods, a few that come to mind from this month are eggs, pulled pork and a berry smoothie in which he was grabbing the spoon from me to pull it into his own mouth!


We are still laying Zion in his crib at bedtime and bringing him in with us during the night. Still waiting for him to sleep longer stretches, but it’s not too bad. He goes down around 7:30p or 8p after nursing and usually wakes up on and off in the evening. In his room, I diffuse lavender and have a fan on for white noise. Our bedtime book is called “REST,” and it has photos of  sleeping  babies. (One page he usually gives the baby a kiss!) Napping is harder to get him to stay asleep in his crib, it just depends on the day and teething! He usually takes 3 naps, but if he sleeps in sometimes it’s 2 longer ones instead.


-Over 20 lbs
-Wears 12 month clothing
-Cloth Diapers & size 4 disposables
-3 Teeth (2 bottom, 1 top)
-A substantial amount of blonde curly hair


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