Zion Mack: Month 11

Last one of these before ONE! And, due to the whirlwind of the impending move and lots of packing to do, I’ll keep this brief. (For me, anyway!) 😆

Current Favorites

TOY: Mint Container
FOOD: Strawberries or Meat
ACTIVITY: Pulling DVDs out of the cupboard
SPOT: The Stairs or The Piano
SONG: The A-B-C’s (…still)

11 Things the 11-month-old Does

  1. Waves to himself
  2. Claps & Gives High Fives
  3. Rocks & dances to music
  4. Chatters in a low growly voice
  5. Unravels the toilet paper roll
  6. Climbs…on boxes, up slides, over Charles, and the stairs
  7. Plays the Piano & hollars along
  8. Drinks from water bottles, sippy cups and regular glasses
  9. Puts ma’s hair in his mouth when he’s tired
  10. Points & pounds on pictures when we read books
  11. Gives kisses often

New Foods

  • Oatmeal
  • Cinnamon Baked Apples
  • Black Beans
  • Shredded Chicken
  • Ground Beef
  • Cavatelli
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cheese


We doubled the number of teeth this month! 3 more popped through on top so now Zion has 6 total (his top 4 and bottom 2)! These ones seemed to cause more discomfort than the initial ones, but we seem to be over the hump of the worst of it. For now, anyway!


Here to report that not much has changed in the sleep department. Zion, like clockwork it seems, wakes up 30-45 minutes after being laid in his crib. So after putting him back to sleep in his crib a few times in the evening, we co-sleep during the nights. It’s probably time to get a little more disciplined with a sleep schedule and work towards helping Zion learn to self-soothe but with the upcoming move, I don’t plan to rock the boat until we’re settled in our new place. (Stay tuned for where that will be!) All the sleep training research I’ve done suggests not doing it in the middle of a BIG transition. And we’ve held off this long, why not a couple more months? 😆 Naps are usually down to 2 a day – a late morning one and an afternoon one.


-My best guess… 22-23 lbs?
-Wears 12-18 month clothing
-Cloth Diapers & size 4 disposables
-6 Teeth


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