Our First Home

Our first house, although not our first home as a married couple, has been so many things to us. A place to gather and a place to rest. A place where we celebrated good and a place where we learned hard news. A place so full of firsts.

Our Home was the Place…

We brought home a puppy named Charles.

We hosted our first small group.

Adam spent 3+ days quarantined over Christmas with the terrible flu.

We ate countless Mexican take-out meals on the coffee table in the Den.

We saw the stick that read expecting in the upstairs bathroom.

I sliced open my heel on the side door resulting in 8 stitches.

Adam brewed his own batch of beer in the basement.

We breezed through all seasons of The Office and Parks & Rec.

Adam renovated 2 bathrooms & a closet.

We sipped Aero-pressed coffee nearly every morning.

I battled terrible headaches and small bouts of nausea while pregnant.

We edited thousands of photos & grew our business.

I learned my Dad’s cancer returned.

We set up and decorated our nursery & prepared for parenthood.

My mom told me of my grandpa Shafer’s sudden passing.

We brought home our son Zion.

We watched the Chiefs’ games with the company of friends.

 I logged countless hours nursing and cuddling the babe.

We ate many home-cooked meals in our dining room, some good & some “don’t make agains.”

I had a dozen houseplants – 2 that will be coming out alive.

We stayed cozy & warm through Iowa winters with wood-burned fires in the den.

I listened to Chelsea tell me Dad had gone to see Jesus.

We enjoyed the peonies that popped up by the driveway each Spring.

I hosted play dates with mom-friends & baby-friends.

We enjoyed neighborhood walks to the conveniently close park.

The list goes on of what this little house on 4th street has been to our family. As I’m sad to leave this place, I’m thankful for all that it’s been to us. These 3 years in this home have sure held a lot. 

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