Zion Mack: Month 12

Year one is in the books! Everyone says it goes fast. And yes, I’ll attest to this. But what we can’t believe is how much Zi seems to have grown up just this past month. He is a real character, keeping us laughing always.

First Words
Beyond “mama” & “dada,” there are a few additions that I suppose you could consider first words. Number one was “dog.” Zi started pointing with his little pointer finger at everything and saying dog. He also repeats “go” with excitement for us to push him on his new ride-on toy and says “ohhhh” with an exaggerated face. He points at our eyes, mouth and nose when we’re holding him and we’re working on him adding those words to his vocabulary. He mimics the sounds we make back to us and seems to be soaking up everything he hears!

First Steps
It was pretty much his birthday weekend that he took off and is gaining confidence walking each day. He looks so proud as he toddles his way around, still clumsy and carefully. As he has gotten more practice under his belt, he will even take steps out into the open, versus just walking towards open arms! When he walks, he has both arms up and out, picture Party-in-the-USA-style, “So I put my hands up…”


Wild Love
Zion is a lover and a wild one all at once. He’ll give unprompted, open-mouthed kisses to people, pictures, himself in the mirror, and when we FaceTime. Wrestling is a new favorite activity. Charles, Ben, his uncles and his daddy let him crawl over them, and Zion loves it.

Constantly Climbing
Boxes were everywhere for a good 2 weeks as we prepared for the move, and Zion embraced it as his playground. His climbing skills and agility increased greatly this month with the ever-entertaining boxes.

The Distractions
Sometimes when we’re out and about, we need distracting tactics – you know, the things that are better than toys that buy you a few more minutes. For Zion, he loves the car keys, my wallet & my water bottle. When he sees the car keys, he’ll point and whine for them, and when he gets ahold of my wallet, he enjoys sifting through it and pulling the credit cards out. As for the water bottle, he just loves to drink from it. So that’s less problematic, just hard to cut him off.

Favorite Pastimes 

  • Searching the cupboards
  • Pushing his walker & ride-on toys
  • Chewing on his sippy cup
  • Riding in Grandma’s wagon
  • Playing piano at Mimi & Papa’s
  • Stealing Charles toys
  • Rearranging coasters & fridge magnets

Zion continues to eat more and more, but not always progressively. Some days he’s interested, others he could care less about trying food. Shredded meat is his favorite (like chicken, pork or beef). He does consistently try eating non-food items, like toilet paper, magazines, cardboard or leaves 😁 Zi still nurses frequently. I don’t have plans to wean anytime soon, but will probably take it a month at a time and go off of his cues. New foods this month included deli meat, cheese, banana applesauce cake (for his birthday), cottage cheese, brats, raspberries and toast with peanut butter.


The last week has been a huge transition week. Reason number one being our move – we are living with our friends, the Blakes’, right now. And reason number two being Zi turning 1 and crossing big developmental milestones like walking and talking. That being said, I can’t give a very accurate portrayal of Zion’s normal sleep habits – we don’t have a whole lot of normal right now. What I can tell you is we’re co-sleeping full-time, have ditched the crib for now, and are waiting until we move in December to make any major changes.


-21 lbs 2 oz (He’s slowed down on the gaining as he’s becoming super mobile)
-First injuries that involved some bleeding: Face planted while crawling causing a minor fat lip, and bit his tongue on another occasion 😣
-Wears 12-18 month clothing
-Size 4 disposables (we’ve currently hit pause on cloth diapering while we’re living with the Blakes!)


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