Zion Mack: First Birthday

The first birthday brought so many emotions!

Excitement. Joy. Tears. Disbelief. Laughter. Pride. Nostalgia. Gratitude. 

Zion still feels like my baby, but I’m well aware that he is also a toddler now. Morphing back and forth between needing me so much (as he has for the past year+) to steps — literally, and metaphorically — towards independence. It’s amazing to watch!

I’m thankful and also nervous, as I’m struck by the weight of responsibility we have as Zion’s parents. Year one was comprised mostly of meeting his needs, responding, comforting, and honestly, following my intuition. We figured things out as we went and did what worked for us in the newborn and infant stages. But as we turn a corner towards the next stage, I can see that we’ll need to consider and act with much wisdom, seek counsel and PRAY for guidance as we do more than just meet Zion’s needs but train him up in the way of the Lord. Again, I’m nervous. What a weight! But also thankful. We aren’t in this alone, nor are we the first to walk this way. Here’s to all that year two will bring and praise be to God for the wonderful first year we’ve been blessed with.

Zion turned ONE on the weekend of Halloween — October 30th. His party on was a Lumberjack theme complete with plaid, pancakes and a mini cake all his own. The rest of us enjoyed yummy, and beautiful, cake-pops made by my friend, Alisson Meyer. (If you need cake pops — she is your lady!) Then, we had a second celebration with more family and dressed him up as Lumberjack part II for Beggar’s Night. He started walking the day before his birthday (at his birthday party!) and hasn’t slowed down since!





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