Zion Mack: Month 20

We are now closer to 2 than 1! Zion, at 20-Months-old, is a cheesy, curly-haired wild man who spots every bike, ball, dog or cat in sight. He has become a little parrot lately and is still a huge lover giving “squeezes” and lots of kisses.


Many mornings & afternoons are spent on our porch where Zion says “hi” to anyone passing by and points out all the cars, trucks & bikes that go by on our street. He loves bikes (specifically motorcycles) and makes a revving noise to mimic the sounds they make. We also got a new attachment seat for my bicycle and can take bike rides now!

This summer we’ve been outside a ton enjoying the pool, playgrounds and splash parks. Zion attended his first I-cubs game, first parade with dad (Ankeny Summerfest), first trip to the zoo (thanks Abby & Mavis!), and camped out in a tent for the first time!

One of the biggest changes over the last few months has definitely been the growth of Zion’s vocabulary! It’s so fun to see the words he’s been understanding form out loud and hear him repeat and try out new words and people’s names. Recently, I said “darn,” and a second later he was sing-saying “darn, darn, darn!” Whoops. He also can be very strong-willed (I can’t imagine who he inherited that from…) and throws — what we hope, are —  typical, toddler tantrums.

Vocabulary Top 20

  1. Mom / Dada
  2. Car / Truck / Choo-Choo / Bike
  3. No / Go
  4. Bye-bye / Hi / Hey
  5. Ball / Hoop
  6. Book / Pillow
  7. Bath / Night-night
  8. All Done / More
  9. Nurse
  10. Outside / Inside
  11. Please / Help
  12. Hand
  13. Al-lie (Water)
  14. Snack
  15. Hot
  16. Pray
  17. Porch / Pool
  18. Baby
  19. Park / Lide (Slide)
  20. Shirt / pants / socks / shoes

20 Skills of the 20-Month-Old

  1. Gives fist bumps (calls it “knucks”)
  2. Opens doors
  3. Walks up & down stairs requesting “hand” or holding the wall
  4. Drinks from a regular glass
  5. “Cheers” drinks and sometimes foods
  6. Goes down slides & climbs at the playground
  7. Jumps into our arms in the pool
  8. Folds his hands and says “pray”
  9. Asks for “help” & sometimes says “please”
  10. Points and says his body parts
  11. Recognizes animals and sounds (currently loving bears & cows)
  12. Plays alone and enjoys specific toys (balls, guitar & matchbox cars are favorites)
  13. Concentrates on a specific task or activity
  14. Plays pretend with his animals and little “men,” he’ll put them down for nigh-nigh and laugh when he balances them on different objects
  15. “Sings,” dances & breaks out his guitar when music plays
  16. Puts a bag on his arm & takes his car or cart “bye-bye”
  17. Plays ball and shoot hoops, getting low to guard
  18. Says “no” to most y/n questions  (sometimes in a sweetly innocent tone)
  19. Counts 1-2-3 before going down the slide
  20. Uses “more” for everything (more of that game, do that again, more drink…)


Zion will try most foods, but I wouldn’t say he eats a lot of any one thing. While meals eb & flow, we try to offer a variety of fruit, veggies & protein. Grapes are the current favorite fruit besides the beloved banana. Favorite veggie goes to sweet potato, mushroom or Avocado – Side note: Zi is starting to repeat the names of foods and avocado is adorable! For protein, either beans or shredded meat typically go over pretty well. Grill season has meant lots of burgers, hot dogs & steak and he’ll give most things a go but overall isn’t a huge meat-eater. Zion still uses his contigo water bottle the majority of the time, (although we had to invest in a new one thanks to Charles destroying the lid). He really loves to drink from a regular glass, though. He’s a big dairy fan — loves cottage cheese, yogurt, string cheese, shredded cheese — all of it. Some favorite snacks are fruit strips, bananas, granola, homemade larabars, breakfast “cookies,” sweet potato or banana muffins, and hummus + crackers. Zion has also been enjoying summer time Snookies’ runs, equally loving the ice cream & the many dogs to pet. He now Nurses at nap & nights.


Zion starts bedtime in his room, in his bed (twin floor mattress). Typically the routine begins around 7:30p and he’s asleep between 8 & 8:30p, but with summer we are relaxed and often have later bedtimes! (Actually we’ve always been relaxed – it’s not just summer). Progress has shown itself! It appears that we’ve cleared the “30-minute wake-up” for the majority of the time. If/when he wakes up, he comes in with us. We’ve been super pumped to have some successful nights where he’s stayed sleeping in his bed from bedtime to around 2:30a, the record being 4:00a as the first wake-up (I believe this is categorized as “Sleeping Through the Night!”) Ya’ll, late-bloomer or not, Zi is finally getting comfortable sleeping alone and for longer stretches. He wakes up for the day around 6:45a/7:00a and naps 2x a day – a late morning and a late afternoon, each lasting an hour or more. Some days, depending on what we are up to, he’ll do 1 long nap instead, but It’s hard to get him through the morning without a nap, he’s still pretty tired come 10:30a! A full transition to 1 nap is likely on the horizon!


-24 lbs, 32″ (he’s stretching out)
-Wears 18-24 month & 2T clothing
-Size 4 disposables
-12 Teeth (top front 4, bottom front 4, 2 top molars, 2 bottom molars)


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