Family Vacation: Clear Lake 2017


At the beginning of the Summer, June 1st to be exact, we took our White Family Vacation at Clear Lake! It’s only our second year in a row together, but we settled in like we’ve been doing this for years. We packed into the Sweeney’s condo and cooked & prepared good food again. They are wonderful for letting us use their place!

The Weather was fiiiiiine. Last year, we endured some rain and cloudiness. This year was a complete 180 and we were sure to catch plenty of rays.


There was lots of fishing off the dock by the majority of the crew as well as some relaxing time out on the water on the Pontoon. Zion’s favorite part about the Pontoon was “driving.” We also found out pretty quickly that it was a bad idea to show him the button that made the horn beep and it was a group effort to keep him distracted from wanting to push it. We’ll just say that being on the boat with an on-the-go toddler was a little bit challenging! 😉

We also visited the Clear Lake State Beach for a picnic lunch & some beach time. Yes, it’s only Clear Lake, but it was Zion’s first “beach” experience and a nice change of pace. It was a good prepping for our Florida vacation, too!

We were able to sneak in a few decent naps for Zi to keep him in good spirits. And I was able to read a great murder-mystery during said naps. I tore through And Then There Were None in 3 days’ worth of naps. Recommend it if you’re into clever-suspense-thriller type of reads (thanks for telling me to read it Emily). After Zion’s naps, he would climb off the bed on his own, open the door to his room and walk on out. It was a sight. Nowadays he opens all the doors at home! Clear Lake is credited with where he learned this skill.

A highlight for me, personally, was taking some maternity photos for Taylor & Hannah on one of our mornings up there! We were up shortly after sunrise and it was really sweet to capture this once-in-a-lifetime season of the two of them. NOW, they are experiencing parenthood with their baby girl on this side of the womb. In case you didn’t hear, we have a niece — Hadley Marie Sweeney. Can’t wait for her to join us on family vaca next year 🙂








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