Zion Mack: Month 24

Zion Mack is 2 YEARS OLD. He’s a walking, talking, hilarious human who keeps us laughing and swooning over his cuteness. Our little love doesn’t stop moving, except for breaks of physical affection or snacks.

Big Brother
Zion is going to be an awesome brother this Spring. He already refers to himself as “big brother” and kisses & points to my tummy, saying “baby in there.” Zi loves babies and requests to hold each and every one we encounter, often calling them “baby Hadley” (his cousin who arrived on the scene this past summer!)

What He’s Doing

  1. Finds & points out the moon, stars & the dark
  2. Gives Squeezes (hugs)
  3. Puts his hands in pockets
  4. Tries on other people’s shoes
  5. Puts his rain boots on by himself
  6. Prays & praises Jesus with his hands raised
  7. Enjoys people & company
  8. Recognizes much of our family & friends & says names pretty well
  9. Watches football & notices Chiefs & Hawkeyes garb
  10. Asks to be wrapped & cuddled like a baby
  11. Roars like a lion, as well as a plethora of other animal sounds
  12. Shoots hoops & says “almost” when he misses
  13. Has a good football throw and a growing percentage of catches
  14. Plays Boo behind doors or under blankets
  15. Loves The Lion King and requests watching it often
  16. Sings into any object that vaguely resembles a microphone
  17. Climbs up into the car and gets into his car seat
  18. Pretends to take photos as well as takes real photos on my phone
  19. Looks at our photo books endlessly
  20. Sometimes talks in a funny low voice
  21. Fake laughs to get in on a joke that other people are laughing about
  22. Steals your spot on the couch and thinks it’s hilarious
  23. Requests the music on and runs & dances to it
  24. Throws away any trash he finds

What He’s Saying
Zion says so many things! His vocab is constantly expanding and it’s way fun understanding his chatter (often translating for others, too!). Here’s a look at a few funny, favorites we hear from the mouth of this 2-year-old…

  • “Morning guys”
  • “Man / Woman / Girl / Boy”
  • “Daddy Home”
  • “Eat” (usually yelling with excitement)
  • “Otay” (Okay)
  • “Har – ee” (Sorry)
  • “Mama Holdy” (hold me)
  • “Cheese” (…for photos)
  • “Touch down”
  • “Pootball” (football)
  • “Big brother”
  • “Bye Charles” (each time we leave)
  • “Amon Bugga” (Almond Butter)
  • “Almost”
  • “Squeeze” (what we call hugs)
  • “Mama Run” (requesting to be chased)
  • “Two” (notices anything plural as 2)
  • “Mu on” (Music On)
  • “Happy” & “Happy Birthday”
  • “Watch” (asking us to watch what he’s doing)
  • “Oh, Tired” (after yawning)

What He’s Eating
If he’s not distracted – aka there isn’t company or people to socialize with – Zi is a pretty good eater! At this point we know the things he’ll eat well but sometimes he’ll surprise me by re-trying something he wasn’t previously into! Lately he’s been saying “yummy” in response to his bites. Often, he can be found pretending a piece of food is a boat or an airplane as well as imagining his fork is a guitar or piano to play. At this age, he’s very into identifying big bites & “baby” ones.

Favorite Foods: sweet potatoes, hot dogs, mushrooms, yogurt, mac & cheese, bananas, grapes (and really all fruits), cheese, pancakes, carrots, any kind of dip and chips


The bedtime routine begins around 7:30p-8p with pjs, books & prayer. Then Zion nurses before falling asleep in his bed while we lay with him. (We upgraded to a full size floor mattress, the extra space is welcome!) No more overnight-nursing now, so during night wake-ups Adam & I rotate going in. We had a stretch there where he would often sleep straight through the majority of the night without any wake-ups but lately the waking has been earlier. Progress is exciting to see, even slowly, since he’s no longer sleeping in our bed at all! Gotta make room for the littlest’s arrival, after all. Zion gets up around 7:00a and naps 1x a day, after lunch, from around 1:00p-3:00p. Nurses 2x a day, before nap & bedtime.


  • 25 lbs 6oz, 33″
  • Wears 18-24 month & 2T clothing
  • Size 5 disposables
  • 13 Teeth (first of the 4 canines just popped through, waiting on the next 3)


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