Zion Mack: 2nd Birthday

Zion is already 27-months-old, but I’m taking it back his 2nd Birthday Party! We had an eventful last couple of months between celebrations (Adam turned 30 in November!), all of the holiday gatherings and a few dreaded colds and illnesses.

We celebrated Zion Mack turning TWO with a football party with family! Compared to the first birthday, we took it down a few notches. 🙂


I loved that it was in our home with our families. It was cozy and low-key and everything went really smoothly. We weren’t surprised by Zion’s excitement to have all of his company — he truly thrives around people and the hype about the “Football Party” continued for weeks following the festivity.

For decor, we nearly had it all. We gathered up our chiefs flags, jerseys and some footballs and I made a few banners and strung photos up. Then, for the menu we had chili dogs with all the necessary toppings, chocolate covered strawberries and homemade cupcakes with little football cookies on top! It was my first go at homemade cupcakes (I used this recipe from my sister) with a homemade frosting and the verdict was quite tasty.

We celebrate a lot of birthdays with our family so it was safe to say Zion totally knew how these things go. He loved being sung the “Happy Birthday” song and blew out the candles before we were even  finished! I relit them so we could finish 😉





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