Zion Mack: 2nd Birthday

Zion is already 27-months-old, but I’m taking it back his 2nd Birthday Party! We had an eventful last couple of months between celebrations (Adam turned 30 in November!), all of the holiday gatherings and a few dreaded colds and illnesses. We celebrated Zion Mack turning TWO with a football party with family! Compared to the […]

Zion Mack: Month 24

Zion Mack is 2 YEARS OLD. He’s a walking, talking, hilarious human who keeps us laughing and swooning over his cuteness. Our little love doesn’t stop moving, except for breaks of physical affection or snacks. Big Brother Zion is going to be an awesome brother this Spring. He already refers to himself as “big brother” […]

Zion Mack: Month 20

We are now closer to 2 than 1! Zion, at 20-Months-old, is a cheesy, curly-haired wild man who spots every bike, ball, dog or cat in sight. He has become a little parrot lately and is still a huge lover giving “squeezes” and lots of kisses. Many mornings & afternoons are spent on our porch […]