Zion Mack: Month 20

We are now closer to 2 than 1! Zion, at 20-Months-old, is a cheesy, curly-haired wild man who spots every bike, ball, dog or cat in sight. He has become a little parrot lately and is still a huge lover giving “squeezes” and lots of kisses. Many mornings & afternoons are spent on our porch […]

Zion Mack: Month 16

A lot has happened since Zi turned 1. He is morphing into a toddler and one of my favorite people to be around. Here’s a little update on our 16-month-old! Comprehension He is beginning to comprehend so much which causes both frustration (lots of whining when he’s trying to communicate, but can’t use words) and excitement […]

Zion Mack: Month 8

Kissing, Clapping and Jabbering Open-mouth kisses are his style! No complaints here, besides some extra slobber 😂 Zion is also learning to clap! When he jabbers, you’ll most often hear “dadada” and “blahblahblah” along with squeals and screams. Summer In Full Swing I love summer. I hate how fast it goes! So this year, I […]