Motherhood Musings: A Poem

Extension of Me In my womb, as he grew, He waited. A part of me, but also he, Still waiting. To be with me, on the other side Of my body. Then he was small, still part of me, But separate. I wrapped him tight, beside my heart, Once again. And to its beat, he […]

Zion Mack: Month 16

A lot has happened since Zi turned 1. He is morphing into a toddler and one of my favorite people to be around. Here’s a little update on our 16-month-old! Comprehension He is beginning to comprehend so much which causes both frustration (lots of whining when he’s trying to communicate, but can’t use words) and excitement […]

Christmas 2016

Between December 23rd & 31st, we fit 8 family Christmases in! When you each have family close by – and large families – this is how the holidays go. The line-up went down like this: 1) Mahedy Family Christmas Eve-Eve Party  |  2) White Family Christmas Eve  |  3) Christmas Morning at Adam’s Parents  | […]

Zion Mack: First Birthday

The first birthday brought so many emotions! Excitement. Joy. Tears. Disbelief. Laughter. Pride. Nostalgia. Gratitude.  Zion still feels like my baby, but I’m well aware that he is also a toddler now. Morphing back and forth between needing me so much (as he has for the past year+) to steps — literally, and metaphorically — towards […]

Zion Mack: The Arrival

Last month, Zion turned one. A whole year has passed since he joined us. How could I not began to reminisce about the days and THE day that led up to Zion’s Birth-day. Over the past 12 months, I’ve definitely wanted to write about it, but where to start? Plus, time has passed now – […]